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Skills in System Development

Handle Various Operating System

Build up more and more work for handling various OS in systems development or under operating situation, such as Windows, Linux, and UNIX, and make it possible to develop system in each OS.

Abundant Development Language
development language

The languages for systems development are including Windows system development languages, such as C, Java and VB, and VC, and PHP and other Web( wide-ranging languages)and extensively conduct the development from business application to control system by selecting the appropriate development language.

Advanced and Experienced Communication Network Technology

We has been accumulating rich technology that populates the communication network and flexibly respond to various customer requests in the construction of C/S (client/server) system, Web system,portable site system,quarantine network system etc.

Highly-Confidential Security Technology

The original system-- furthermore, in the system which takes the form of BtoB and BtoC, high security is needed.We have wide experience in processing of information encryption such as 3DES and enable distribution of highly-confidential information.

Experienced Design Technology
design technology

When systematizing the demand from various visitors, it is indispensable to design by analyzing and inquiring appropriately in system development .
We perform the system design reflecting the demand from a customers based on abundant experiences.