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Accutechs supports your PDCA Cycle powerfully through Systems Development.

2012.Feb    PRESS RELEASE"Accutechs and IIJ provide technical cooperation in the field of backup system using
   cloud storage."
2010.Oct  The Headquarter was transferred to Kuroda, Kanazawa city, Ishikawa.
2009.Feb  Our company was published in Nikkei Industrial Daily News.
2009.Jan  "Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL" and "Amanda Enterprise" were added to merchandise information.
2008.May  Our company was introduced in the report of the backup software for MySQL "Zmanda."


Electronic Payment Solution

Creation and Construction of a Website

Creation and Construction of a Portable Site

Mission-Critical Task/ Business Support Service

Information Sharing and a Practical Use Solution

Other Related Solutions

ISMS Construction Support Service


Zmanda Recovery Manager

Robust, flexible and radically simple backup & recovery solution.

Amanda Enterprise

Backup softwar to protect Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OS X environments using a single management console.

SSL server certificate service


Software license

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